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Code Black Incense

Code Black Incense

If you are online searching to buy code black incense, I have some good and bad news. 

The good news is the fact that you came to a website that is very knowledgeable on herbal incense products and companies. Code Black Incense was one of the best herbal incense companies of all time, but the bad news is they are completely shut down for good.

That's right. I understand that you may be seeing a few code black incense products out there still on various sites, but the truth is ANY website that is selling Code Black Incense is selling a knock off. Anyone can put damiana herb into packaging that says it's from Code Black Incense, but I personally know the former owner of Code Black and there is no way they are still operating under the scenes.

This means every website that you have found still carrying Code Black Incense are scam artists and should be avoided.

Has anyone fied from smoking herbal incense?

 Has anyone fied from smoking herbal incense?

I have scoured the online communities, media outlets, google, and have found a few documented cases where herbal incense did cause death of a person. It seems to have caused heart attacks in a few cases and extreme rise and fall of blood pressure in others.

I'm not sure how true these are, but I have also had some very very unpleasant experiences in which I thought I was dying a couple of times. Herbal incense may not kill you but if you get the wrong batch from the wrong company, you will wish you never tried it.

This stuff is known to cause seizures if too high of a dose is taken, and I experienced a minor one once, but with all of the anxiety I really thought I was dying. It can be a very bad time and that's why you should be very cautious using herbal incense products.

Herbal incense, JWH, and other synthetics can be enjoyed if they are used responsibly, but carelessness can cause a very bad night, or in some instances, even death.

If you do decide to use this stuff make sure you make your own blends or pure JWH, ALWAYS start out with a small dose, ALWAYS use a mg scale, and always stay safe my friends.

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Herbal Incense FAQ | Spice

Herbal Incense FAQ | Spice | K2

What is in K2 that gets you high?- JWH 018, JWH 073, JWH 081, JWH 250, JWH 210, JWH 307

How do they make herbal incense? Herbal Incense is usually an herb like damiana, marshmallow leaf, mint, etc. that is sprayed with a synthetic cannabanoid like JWH-018, JWH-250, JWH-210, etc.

Is herbal incense legal? While it has been banned in some states, the ban of the first common strain of JWH chemicals were just replaced with new ones.

Is JWH, herbal incense, or spice bad for you? Not much is known about long term usage, but initial screenings conducted do not indicate any kind of toxicity.

Can you overdose on JWH or herbal incense? Yes. Many people have checked themselves into the hospital, and while there have been no reported deaths, there are many suggestions that heavy use of the drug will lead to OD. I have experienced this "fear" a few times, and it was quite unpleasant.

What is the best JWH? Personally, My favorite JWH is JWH-210. It is very long lasting when taken orally, and the come down is smooth. It is a nice high without too much increased heart rate, or fear. Most people think that JWH-250 is one of the best, and that is said to be one of the stronger JWH's.

How much JWH should I use in a dose? That depends on a lot of different factors. As a rule, I would start out at 3 mg's. If that doesn't seem to work out too well then try 5. Continue to gradually (KEY WORD GRADUALLY) increase the dosage until you find what is right for you. By the way, GET A DIGITAL MG SCALE! Take it from me, you don't want to eyeball your dosages.

How much does JWH cost? Anywhere from about 30 to 50 dollars a gram. You can get cheaper rates with larger amounts purchased.

Where can I buy JWH? Online! My favorite company is From my experience they are the quickest, and deliver the best product. Do NOT order from!! They will steal your money.

Can I snort JWH? Absolutely! Everyone says it doesn't work. Well, they are wrong! This is my preferred method of use. It does take about 2 to 3 hours to feel the effects, and I think eating the JWH will give the same exact effect. I do feel a little rush of being stoned a few minutes after snorting, but I think that is placebo. Snorting JWH works!

Can you eat JWH? Yes. Oral effects are much more long lasting, but it may take a little more for dosing.

How do you make your own herbal incense? Making herbal incense is easy, and way more cost efficient than buying it premade. First get JWH. Then get some herb (damiana, marshmallow) Then 100 percent acetone. Mix together JWH and acetone. Put in spray bottle. Spray herb. Mix up well, and allow to dry. Chief away. More detailed version is one of the first blog posts on my site.

Is spike max strong? Yes. Very strong. Spike is the only herbal incense I used to buy before purchasing JWH. Spike Max will make you think you are dying if you aren't careful. Spike Diamond is mind blowing at a notch below the Spike Max. Spike Gold I have never tried, but even Spike Silver is a very nice blend.

Will JWH show up on a drug test? There are tests for JWH, so don't let anyone lie to you..I've been tested before (I failed), and got kicked out of a program and sent back to jail, so there is certainly a test. Will your PO use this on you? Probably not, but you never know. Just be aware...There is a test. It is from Redwood Labs in California.

Can I smoke spice if I'm on probation? If you have to get high, and you are going to try no matter what, then I would use Spice (JWH). JWH will not show up on a normal urinalysis, but can show up if specifically looked for by a lab.

Bonsai Fertilizer

Bonsai Fertilizer

There are a lot of very convincing websites out there that promise to deliver high quality JWH products, but many are scams and others are low quality trash.

I am now doing some research of my own to give you guys some great places to buy your RC's.

I just ordered from 3 websites today, and we will see how each of them perform. I requested Next Day Delivery from all of the sites so I will be able to give you some insight about whether or not the following sites are legit.

If you have been worried about getting scammed when buying your bonsai fertilizer, make sure you check back to our site frequently. We will help you find the best bonzai fertilizer vendors.

What's the best herbal incense?

What's the best herbal incense?
best herbal incense
Are you looking for the best herbal incense to buy online? You found the right site! TokeTwo has been reviewing herbal incense for the last 5 years, so you know you can get quality and legitimate information from us each time you visit our site.

Our herbal incense reviews are not biased like most of the others sites and blogs on the web. We actually care about our readers and want to help them find the best herbal incense on the web.

Please check back to our site frequently as we are constantly updating it with herbal incense reviews and company reviews. 

This is where you will find the best herbal incense.

Red Magic Incense Reviewed

Red Magic Incense Reviewed
red magic incense

So I tried out a new blend today called Reg magic, but according to the guy at the headshop it is different from the blends called Red Magic in the past. I usually write a review and talk about taste, cost, value, etc., but I dont even feel like it with this sh*t.

It was in a jar and it was Grape flavored. Oh my God it smelled like hair spray, but oh well, I really wanted to try it out so I did .It tasted like sh*t. The euphoria produced by the Red Magic Incense aromas only lasted about 30 minutes, and although it was decent feeling, I would never buy it again. The longevity in a lot of herbal incense blends out there is similar to that of marijuana and will last 2 or 3 hours. Red Magic Incense won't even come close to reaching those numbers.

If I were you, I'd pass on the Red Magic Incense and stick to Spike, Spice, or any of your other favorite brands.

Atomic Blast Incense Review

Atomic Blast Incense Review
atomic blast incense

Ok, where do I start with Atomic Blast Incense? Don't use this shit! HA it is wayyyyy too strong. Even just one hit had my heart racing out of control. I don't recommend this blend unless you are an extremist and can handle bad trips because that is all this incense ever seemed to provide for me.

Potency- 11/10 No that's not a typo..Strongest blend I've EVER tried

Cost- 1/10 33.95 a gram

Value- 7/10 only takes half a hit

Taste- 10/10

Feeling- 6/10 I didn't like it...way too much paranoia

In conclusion, If you still decide to try Atomic Blast Incense out then I wish you good luck!